The Greatest Generation is Rolling In Their Graves


Allow me to vent.

“The Greatest Generation” was the moniker coined for those folks who grew up during the depression, endured The Dust Bowl and also endured World War Two, either as soldiers or citizens supporting them on the home front. These resilient people endured hardships and deprivations none of us can imagine. I can guess what they might think if they were here to witness what is occurring today among those who are demonstrably chafing against the states closing down and some of the rules they implemented regarding social distancing and facemasks.

I’m all for people having their own thoughts and opinions about anything. Everyone is entitled to their own belief system regarding what the government should or shouldn’t do that encroaches on our lives.

Having said that, I am nauseated by some of the stories I’ve read about citizens taking things into their own hands to protest what the states have done in an effort to protect its citizens as a whole.

Shooting people? Killing people? Resorting to violence? Literally getting in citizens’ and law enforcement personnel faces and sometimes spitting in in them? Opening and licking ice cream containers in grocery stores? When did this kind of stuff ever become acceptable?

Then there is the stupid stuff, like some guy from Long Island suing the University of Connecticut because their child isn’t getting the benefit of the full college experience. Really? Like it’s UCONN’s fault.

We’ve been at this for less than two months. Can you imagine if these people had to live through the dust bowl, or had to endure rationing for almost four years to support a war effort? They’d lose their minds. Forget riots. Armageddon would be more like it.

I know, I know. It was a different time. Attitudes were different and so were how we were raised as children. But still, when has it become okay for anyone to express an opinion in such a way that it endangers the lives of others? When did this sense of entitlement take hold?

Like I said, anyone can have their views about the pandemic, and what the states are doing.  But how about taking some responsibility and having accountability for your actions? These folks take none. Their attitudes are similar to those of the White House, who by not taking any leadership role is in a position where they can avoid responsibility for whatever happens (unless it is good, of course), leaving it up to each and every governor to decide what is best for their state. That way they can be blamed when things go tits up by reopening too soon. If the economy tanks there is little chance the incumbent gets re-elected, so the welfare of people be dammed. Let’s get the economy rolling again. Talk about having one’s priorities in order. Don’t they pay attention to the science?

Yes, these infringements on our lives suck. I’m getting impatient like everyone else. I hate being cooped up at home, and hate having to wear a mask and gloves when I venture out. I hate the shortages and the fact that so many people are struggling. But I believe in the science and believe it is all for the common good. And I would rather be inconvenienced than sick or dead, or have those I love in that position.

To say these developments are worrisome and discouraging are an understatement. I fear that throwing caution to the wind and reopening before more testing is available and all the trends are pointing in the right direction is a recipe for disaster. There are over 3,000 new cases a day of citizens testing positive for the virus in this country, for goodness sake. It is starting to hit rural America too. What will happen to this figure, in addition to fatalities by reopening prematurely? It will certainly increase, but by how much. Double? Triple? Will hospitals become so overrun that they won’t care for people above a certain age or present certain symptoms? Will the spread of the disease impact nurses and doctors so much there aren’t enough of them to handle the incoming surge? These are all fair and legitimate questions, ones I fear have more truth than not.

I’d rather be cautious and err on the side of opening up too late than too early. The consequences are too dear.

So what do we call this generation or group of people suing everyone and engaging in or inciting violence? The Whiners? The Whiniest Generation? The Its About Me Generation? The I don’t Give A Shit About Anyone Else Generation?

It’s sad, and I’m afraid it is going to get a lot worse before it gets better.


Author: Steve Markesich

I am loving husband, a doting father, a Red Sox fanatic, an aspiring novelist and MS advocate. Feel free to check out my web site.

10 thoughts on “The Greatest Generation is Rolling In Their Graves”

  1. BillyMac – more like DEVIL’S FOOD CAKE because these people are socio/psychopaths: the behavior is borderline evil in it’s viciousness and self-serving at the expense of other people; it’s ALL about them.
    Oh, and good post Steve! 😀

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  2. I really don’t want to admit it, but I believe that my new belief is to give people just enough rope to hang themselves. Seriously. You want to go to the store, go to the damn store. You want to have a party… go ahead. BUT You and you alone are responsible for the consequences of your actions. I personally do not want anyone’s death or sickness on my head, so I am staying the fuck at home. I get that fear and pain etc can make people say and do stupid shit, but from someone who lives with both everyday I can firmly state “You don’t get to be an asshole! Just because you are having a bad day, YOU don’t get to take it out on others.” Grow the hell up! I tried to have a discussion with someone about Trump asking the doctors if a disinfectant might help, that person told me I should drink bleach. Seriously?!!??! So I am currently of the opinion…give someone enough rope and they will hang themselves. Take the warning labels off of products as well and let stupidity work itself out of the gene pool. I am seeing a whole new side of people, that frankly scares me more than the whole covid 19 thing


  3. Excellent post. It’s interesting, I was just reading an article from a researcher who looked at San Francisco during the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic and wrote about the massive protests against social distancing and mask wearing (there was even an Anti-Mask League) that led to even more deaths. So maybe people today aren’t so different than they were 100 years ago–I hope we learn our lessons sooner than later!

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  4. It is disheartening. This behavior. I just watched a bio on the Spanish Flu… like Suzanne stated, people weren’t much different then. Fear breads anger. People who feel helpless, I think, go the stupid route. Now I think we should remember the give a man a fish lesson. We should all be learning to fish! Decent rant my friend!

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