Adjusting To The New Reality


Now that I have accepted and come to terms with our new reality, the visceral fear that emerged when it became clear what we are dealing with has subsided, and I’m adapting. My priorities are in order, what is important is clear, and we are ready for the long haul that awaits.

In some ways, I embrace the simplicity of our new daily existence, but I can already tell that the two things that will be the hardest to adjust to are the isolation and boredom that come with it.

Maybe that is why I am calling and texting more. It’s comforting to hear familiar voices and talk about how we are and what we are doing. but it still doesn’t compensate for the fact that our worlds have shrunk and the physical human interaction we crave will not return for quite some time.  Perhaps it will never be the same.

I was never one who thought they would enjoy working from home all of the time, and that has been proven true. Not that I’m not grateful that I can work from home, but I always thought I would feel disconnected from our team, and I was right. I enjoy what I do, and knew I enjoyed the people I work with, but never appreciated how much until now. I miss them.

Boredom is a different animal. I’m in the house for probably 95% of the day on average. I work from home, and only venture to public places when I absolutely need something, so it is easy to get cabin fever and a little stir crazy. There is little difference now between a week day and weekend, which is really bizarre. The rebel in me wants to throw caution to the wind, give the virus the big middle finger, and live my life as though nothing has changed. It’s a nice fantasy, but I’m not stupid.

Perhaps that is why I go outside every day for at least a little while, and why on sunny days I will get in the car and drive. It’s important to see the world and know how people are adjusting to the new normal. The one thing I learned this weekend is that while you don’t see people outside like you used to, the one place you can still find them is at the golf course.

Boredom is also the reason why after months of inactivity, I hit the exercise equipment on most days. I like to feel my heart pumping, the sweat on my forehead, and the ache of my muscles because it makes me feel alive, and is another way to take care of and fortify my body. The results are nice too. My upper body is a little tighter, I feel more fit and I have lost seven pounds to boot!

But other things have evolved. I’m writing more, which is never a bad thing, as another way of feeling connected. I’m evening toying with the idea of starting novel number two in earnest, but we will see how that goes.

I’m trying to follow world events more to stay informed, but am avoiding most national network news programs because I find it depressing. Learning through print media is less sensational and dramatic, and we could all use less drama in our lives right now.

I have also decided not to shave or cut my hair until this is over. The hair cutting decision was made for me, as all barber and hair salon establishments are considered non-essential and have closed in our state. So I figured, what the hell? Why not stop shaving too. I’m curious to see how long everything will grow, and if I can actually grow a ponytail (although I am sure K will ultimately have something to say about that). It will be interesting to see if I look like Grizzly Adams when everything is said and done. It’s a different way of documenting how long our lives were disrupted by this episode in our collective history.

The only downside to this that my beard is almost entirely white, and it is starting to itch like a mother. The white/grey doesn’t bother me because it has been that way for a while. Having said that, I suspect that we will see everybody’s natural hair color when this is over, not to mention different hair styles.

I’m hoping that I will come up with other quirky things like this to amuse myself and combat the boredom, and would love to know if any of you are doing something similar.

Hey, whatever gets you through the day.

Author: Steve Markesich

I am loving husband, a doting father, a Red Sox fanatic, an aspiring novelist and MS advocate. Feel free to check out my web site.

14 thoughts on “Adjusting To The New Reality”

  1. I’m still waisting my days off on this dang computer, reading, walking the dogs, sitting in my hot tub for 1/2hr on sunny days, and watching series/movies on Netflix. I keep telling myself to DO something but I feel so sedated when I’m not at work. Honestly, my life is no different now than it was 5 weeks or 2 years ago.

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    1. Another thing we have in common. I am bit of a loner myself, so the long haul aspect of this doesn’t scare me. I am also fortunately able to defer my treatments as long as my symptoms are stable, but you unfortunately don’t have that luxury.

      But, you do have the Harley, so strap on the gear, go for a ride on your next sunny day and enjoy the freedom. Check your Facebook messenger for a question I asked

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          1. Is that true though. I want to go to the market and I can keep try to avoid getting sneezed or coughed on. If I wash my hands I’m really safe from this thing?
            I don’t trust everything I hear on TV

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  2. Sorry I missed your call, I have been thinking about how you have all been fairing. Another surgery yesterday and while I am alive and dealing, I’m in alot of pain. We will catch up soon though. Looking forward to that next book!

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  3. Can’t grow a beard to save my life. My face grows into a perpetual, splotchy five-o’clock shadow, and not even one of those cool TV soap opera ones. The pony tail? That I can grow, and Mrs C encourages it. She misses 90s Tom. 😉

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    1. When this is over I should wrap a bandana around my head/hair, where a black eye patch, put a parrot on my shoulder and walk around town bellowing “What are you staring at you scurvy dogs!”


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