B&W Photo Challenge Day 5


I was nominated by Grace, blogger extraordinaire who isn’t afraid to write about anything, and who wanted to see the world through my lens.

The challenge’s rules are to post a black and white photo of something representative of your world (no people) without comment for seven consecutive days, and invite someone new each day to participate.

Today’s nominee is Wendi. Her blog, Simply Chronically Ill it is a mixture of prose and poetry, and her posts are meaningful, wistful, brief and direct. Check her out when you get a chance.



Author: Steve Markesich

I am loving husband, a doting father, a Red Sox fanatic, an aspiring novelist and MS advocate. Feel free to check out my stevemarkesich.com web site.

9 thoughts on “B&W Photo Challenge Day 5”

  1. I was going to make a joke that maybe you had smoked something before you thought of a description for me, but then I read your description of Wendi’s blog and you are spot on! Thank you for the kind words! I hope you are enjoying the challenge….. Do the lights on the wall put out enough light that you can see them up the wall like in the picture, or is it only because it’s black and white?

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